Thoughts on Final Project

I’ve honed my project a bit more since last class, so hopefully I can be a bit more cogent here. My intention is to use Wix to create a reference site for the female Beat writers, including Diane di Prima, Joyce Johnson, and Hettie Jones. I hope to make this site as user-friendly as possible, which seems to be easy via Wix. I’ve never used this site before, and my initial intention was to use WordPress, but Wix seems to create a more visually-appealing site… so far. Has anyone else used Wix before?

Ideally, the homepage will have an overview of the Beat movement and the contribution, and lack of acknowledgement of, the women. Across the top, much like a WordPress site, I’ll include links to pages for individual authors, a timeline of the movement, perhaps a Google map or two, some open-source Beat poetry if I can find any, and then a comprehensive resource list with links to Amazon.

So far, the homepage looks something like this:



I am looking for images to add to the front page, too. Can someone help me by explaining Creative Commons, maybe in class on Thursday? It seems to be searching Google images, so I wonder if I’m using the search function incorrectly, or if it’s actually only pulling open source images?

Then, I’ll start building the ancillary pages, and for many of them, I will be using tools that we’ve discussed in class. I feel like I know the direction that I’m heading in, which is more than I can say for myself last week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this will all turn out.

I’m also still wondering if this is “enough” to constitute a final project. I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, ideas…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Final Project

  1. I too need images and have tried to make sure I am pulling from open sources, but seem to be redirected back to google at large.
    As far as your project, I think it sounds plenty scholarly and involved. I imagine you will start to get into it and will be amazed at just how much content you are producing, formatting and highlighting. My only observation on the limited first page mock-up has to do with the teal font. It seems designated for a more juvenile audience, the combination of the crayon like font and how close lady beats sounds to lady bugs. Although in class I remember you were trying to create a cartoon, so maybe that is exactly what you were going for. Just an impression, I know you are in the very early stages of planning.
    I look forward to seeing this come together!


  2. Cristen, this is such a wonderful and worthy project! There really isn’t enough about women beat poets out there so your site would meet a great information need. I also love the name “LadyBeats” and the design you’ve chosen!


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