In lieu of a WordPress post this week, I used Storify for my Weekly Create.

Please check it out!


3 thoughts on “Storify

  1. Cristen,

    Okay. That was the coolest post ever! I, too, was (er, maybe still am) a little intimidated by Storify, but man, it looks cool! I LOVE that you can comment on every section of text, as well as all the images/gifs/videos. It’s just so much more interactive and aesthetically pleasing than WordPress is. I always forget to include media in my WordPress posts because honestly, it just isn’t that easy to do. It isn’t necessarily difficult, but it looks like Storify lends itself to that sort of thing much more so. Also, WordPress is lame for not being nice and collaborative with Storify.

    Lastly, I totally agree with what you (and Nicki Saylor) said–a combination of digital and traditional humanities is ideal, but we’ll never get there without all humanists playing a part.

    Excellent post!



  2. Hey! I tried out Storify a couple weeks ago and completely fell in love with it as well. I believe Storify stories can actually allow for collaboration amongst several people because you can make others “editors.” But, your post inspired me to confirm that information and figure out if there were other ways to have readers collaborate directly on the story themselves. I found the following message board with a good answer from one of the “founders” of Storify. Check it out!


  3. Hi Cristen!

    Great post. I remember hearing about Storify and seeing Raquel’s post earlier in this class, but I’ve been intimidated by it for awhile — it seems overwhelming! By overwhelming I mean both by the unlimited (seeming) number of options and possibilities (and I’ve seen this as a running/common theme among the digital age and these tools), but also aesthetically overwhelming. My eyes are all over the place and I’m almost turned off by its lack of simplicity or even…cohesiveness? This is NOT to critique your Storify: you are clearly telling a story about how to use Storify (so cool), but from what I have seen in general with Storify, it is not my cup of tea in terms of visual/aesthetic pleasure. I’d almost like to see if I can make a Storify that looks like a organized , visually pleasing and laid out cork board or digital scrapbook page.


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